Student Participation

Are you a student thinking of attending The Great Grace? Australia's Universities are giving their full support to The Great Grace Conference and encouraging students to attend by offering assignments and units in their degree programs to participants at this important event.

Australian Catholic University (Major Partner)

  • Any student who wishes to attend the conference (either for credit or personal interest) will be sponsored by the university.
  • Bachelor of Theology students will be able to attend the conference as part of a united entitled 'THCT210 Special Studies in Theology' in Semester 1.
  • Students from other courses may attend the conference as part of a unit titled 'THCT302 Contemporary Approaches to Theology'. In either of the units, the students will complete what is called a supervised study for credit.

University of Notre Dame Australia

  •  Students in the School of Philosophy and Theology who enrol in a unit titled 'TH369/569 Special Topics in Theology: Introduction to the Second Vatican Council' will attend the conference as part of their unit, and assessment will be based around keynote presentations given at the conference.

Campion College

  • Students have permission for non-attendance at their normal lectures and tutorials at the College if they are attending The Great Grace.
  • Students enrolled in the unit 'THE301 Theology of the Post-Conciliar Era' will be permitted to complete an assignment based on papers presented at the conference.

 Catholic Institute of Sydney

  •  The CIS are offering a new unit based on The Great Grace which includes attendance at the conference.

Broken Bay Institute

  • The Broken Bay Institute are encouraging attendance for their staff and students and allowing students to attend the conference for credit in their theology and religious studies programmes. Specifically, students can do a unit called 'THEO6032 Directed Studies', which incorporates attendance at the conference.